Santa's Magical Chimney by Christine DerOhannesian


Author, Christine DerOhannesian

With hopes to share her understanding of life, Christine makes a consistent effort, even in little ways, to be influential in everything she does. As far back as a little girl, she has always felt passionate to make "Light of Life" and communicate her experiences through writings, jingles, songs or illustrations. She still journals her thoughts and has created many self-help, self-love, self-acceptance pieces. She shares her creations to help relate to individual understandings, spiritual awakenings and growth.



Her first publication

Of all of Christine's motivational or self-discovery works, she chose to first launch SANTA'S MAGICAL CHIMNEY. With seeing her own children having to adapt to a downsized home without a fireplace and what could have been a devastating experience of being left out of the most celebrated time of year for children and adults alike, her magical story preserved the excitement, wonder and belief. She immediately became passionate and had a strong desire to share the preservation of the innocent and magical tradition.  This story book - gift set is simply another product of Christine's parent company BUMBLE FLY, consistently providing "a sense of belonging".  In 2016, no children should be left out of the magical Holiday tradition.