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About the Illustrator


Born a Pisces, in Whitestone NY.

Christine Gambelunghi - Triantis is the oldest of four daughters , who share the blessing of two very beautiful people, they call their parents. 


Christine was blessed with a gift of a "true" childhood, solid, in innocence and dreams.

Though innocence fades with teenage years, her dreams were always kept alive, not so much in her life, but ever present, in her heart and mind.

Drawn intuitively to the Arts as a child, they remained a love and passion in her soul, but never pursued due to a faulty internal gps, that kept taking her off track, in circles

 and/ or  dead ends.


Blessed yet again, with the help of her Angels, and an undying willingness to BELIEVE in her dreams, Christine one day found herself on the road leading HOME* and continues to be blessed with her two beautiful children, some very special warm loving, family and friends, the Magic of her Angels,  and the Love of her Life (lives*)

Never stop BELIEVing*............


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