December 08, 2016

Author, Christine DerOhannesian presents Santa's Magical Chimney to U.S. Army Families of West Point, NY for Christmas 2016. Check out these happy faces! NONE of these kids HAD a fireplace for Santa's crawl down, until NOW.

Christine says " I might have been "Coined" that night, but trust me, it was MY HONOR to be there!"


These Military families were sure happy to receive their Santa's Magical Chimney Gift Set & boy! did it light up Christine's world!

Author, Christine DerOhannesian visited the US Marine Families at Stewart ANGB.  Some of these happy faces challenged Christine to come and see them in future locations as well. She promised: "I will try my best! But one's thing's for certain, now SANTA can visit you WHEREVER you are! they happily received their Santa's Magical Chimney gift sets.

Author, Christine DerOhannesian had 5 Assemblies in a row (Pre- K to 8th grade) reading her book, Santa's Magical Chimney, talking about what it takes to go from idea, to paper to print, starting your own business, and the most important of all PASSION & PERSEVERANCE!  

Author, Christine DerOhannesian read to over 450 children on December 1st at "Christmas in The Village".  She might have lost her voice that day, but she also made MANY new friends at the Historical site!

Santa's Magical Chimney shares a piece of history at Christmas in The Village. Museum Village, Monroe, NY

Author, Christine DerOhannesian was happy to hear what each child wants to be when they grow up, when she visited the shelters of Orange County, NY. Some asked to keep in touch with Christine so they can prove their perseverance in the future!  In the meantime, the children and Christine were overjoyed in music, dance and their new Chimney for Santa's crawl down- Santa's Magical Chimney. 

To much of her surprise, Christine was beyond pleased to see Journals on some of the children's wish lists, so they also each received their own materials to start journaling their own life stories! :-)

Author, Christine DerOhannesian found truly cultivating and moving experiences not only reading Santa's Magical Chimney to students, but also sharing her inspirational experiences of Passion & Perseverance. The interest, engagement and group hugs are fuel for Christine.

Author, Christine DerOhannesian was brought to tears when she attempted to read SMC to this group of students! She donated 200 Book Sets to these underprivileged students for their first time Winter Wonderland, family -fun event and toy drive providing Holiday cheer this year. Because of winter inclement weather, Christine could not make the event in person, even though the books safely arrived. Teachers read the story on her behalf and Senator Ruben Diaz even represented.  She visited the students 4 days later and when she started to read the book, the students had read it so many times, they had it memorized and taken over the reading. She tried to squeak the story out along with them through her overwhelmed tears. The children also wanted to take turns acting out the story in little skits. When the day was through, they had thank you letters to send her off with, all reflecting their impression, motivation and conviction to NEVER GIVE UP, all inspired by Christine's true story she shared and their connection. Their departing hugs were a bummed rushed charge of gratitude. 


Christine says "The best gift received during this event was apparently how my own struggles and life experiences were now given purpose." (still in happy tears)  

Santa's Magical Chimney can be found in:

Fran's Hallmark, Monroe NY

Ye Old Warwick Book Shoppe, Warwick, NY

Author, Christine DerOhannesian gets a warm welcome from her first fans....visits in her hometown.

Author, Christine DerOhannesian and her two children indulge in their first family photo shoot for Hudson Valley Parent Magazine.

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Letters to Christine DerOhannesian

MAY 17th, 2016 BOOK LAUNCH

Thank you to all who shared this special event with us & for making it a magical evening!

Check out some photos!

Santa's Magical Chimney
Santa's Magical Chimney

Author, Christine DerOhannesian