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Downsizing craze! Tiny Houses & Micro Apartments

Ahead of times! While I truly enjoyed our previous life -living in a 3,600+ sq ft Old Farmhouse, with a 1,200 sq ft Rec building, on 4 flat acres- there is really something about TINY HOME living.

With various changes in my life and several downsizes, our evolution has landed myself and my two children eventually into a 900 sq ft apartment. Each time I think we're too crowded or not having the ideal site for entertaining, I think of my children who say "you know mom, no matter where we are in the house, I know you are near", or how I stratigically placed mirrors throughout for more openness, it also allows me to have a clear view of what's going on in my entire home. The feeling of "being a part of something"- at all times- surely out weighs the need for space and longing for privacy. Not to mention the time and financial freedom it provides, it's no wonder why these cozy little homes are becoming such a craze for every day living.

To our pleasant surprise and perfectly orchestrated timing, Santa's Magical Chimney is the ideal marriage to the up and coming trend! As we strongly believe in magic and miracles of all kinds, we are pleased that our trials and tribulations, roads to discovery and rebirth from our darkness has created a masterpiece to the symphony of our lives.

We are greatly looking forward to 2016! Happy New Year to all & may your own evolutions keep moving you forward.


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