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Inspired by the true story

Changes in Author, Christine DerOhannesian’s life had her move from a big old farm house with a roaring fireplace, to a tiny little apartment to share with her two children.


To keep the Christmas spirit alive, decorations went up and the kids had cheerful talks of Christmas wish lists and plans for visiting family. As Christmas Eve was quickly approaching, one night the children became curious of how Santa was going to bring them their gifts, with no fireplace in their new home.


Only briefly worried, Christine heard a quiet, calming voice quickly whisper in her ear! It was SANTA!


He asked her to create a fireplace poster and instructed her to hang it up in the living room. He said she can treat it like a real chimney, even hang her stockings up above it if she wanted to. He then told Christine a story to share with her concerned children and to trust that the fireplace and chimney in the poster will come alive for ONE magical night. When her kids woke up the next morning, they anxiously ran into the living room and saw the magic! Their special gifts have arrived!



And now brought to you!...

Santa asked Christine to share the magical story and special, one and only Magical Chimney poster with children all over the world!


So here’s a new tradition for Santa's crawl down, it's a special poster to hang, so no kids will frown! Simply hang up your poster and believe gifts will arrive, because just like Santa, this CHIMNEY'S alive.


Take good care of your poster, store it neat and secure, for this magical chimney will still work, that's for sure! The directions say fold it, seal it tight in this box, store it safely away with your Christmas socks. The magic can work time and again every year to provide Holiday Spirit and warm Christmas Cheer!


You can order the complete GIFT SET

(Book, Poster & Keep Sake Box) right on this web site!


Santa’s Magical Chimney by Christine DerOhannesian ©2015

Illustrated by Christine G. Triantis

Our First Magical Night

Santa's Magical Chimney by Christine DerOhannesian
Santa's Magical Chimney by Christine DerOhannesian
Santa's Magical Chimney by Christine DerOhannesian
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